Band That Is Not Smashing Pumpkins Tries To Run Out Its Fifteen Minutes

Dec 14th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Earlier this week, we wrote a brief item on those fake Smashing Pumpkins leaks, giggling at Amy Blue lead singer Simon Chatterman’s insistence that the whole thing wasn’t a PR stunt and filing the whole incident away for future throwaway jokes. We’re guessing Chatterman just got around to Google Blogsearching his name today, as he dropped us a line:

well thanks for the pitchfork style backlash, from a supposed “free minded” site such as yourselves, just a couple of things before the whistle is blown on our five mins in the spotlight and we disappear back to the camden toiletbowl from whence we came:

The rest of the Razorlight-hating, mostly caps-free missive after the jump.

1) we hosted the files on mininova for two-three hours max sunday before last and took them down with only thirty or so downloads, the subsequent blooming was nothing to do with us propogating either files or hype, in fact the files were reported fake (by mtv no less, bit lame) on tuesday and five pages of google news reports followed suit, but even after this the files still kept being seeded and downloaded, if anything more and that sir is how 10,000 people heard our stuff in five days. That sir is the real story, people wanted to hear it even after it was deemed fake, which frankly on the web is unheard of, cynicism is one of the four pillars of the net you know…
2) I rang up Kyle at Spin as he called us an Interpol covers band, it pissed me off so I left him a very obnoxious message and they traced the number and called back.
3) I’m in a fucking band alright! What self appreciating music maker would keep schtum about this, if just to mufle Razorlight’s PR machine for five minutes? We make good music despite it NOT BEING TO YOUR TASTE, and we know we’ll never make anything out of this so please drop the bitterness, write something positive before the poison creeps into your heart.
4) blog up viva voce more already!!!!
much love and xmas cheer and (begrudgingly) keep up the good work when you do do it, simon from faux novelty downloaded pumpkins wannabee’s Amy Blue

Aw, happy holidays to you too, Simon. At least we all agree on one thing: Razorlight is a terrible, terrible band.

Amy Blue [MySpace]
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  1. Bob Loblaw

    That sir, is a…mostly reasonable response.

  2. The Mozfather

    This email made me pine for Sitek’s Lohanesque diss of Karen O crap-nappers. Or is that poison-hearted of me?

  3. Ned Raggett

    please drop the bitterness

    The Q disdain would not be enough?

  4. BlimpyMcFlah

    funnily enough, all this hype for Amy Blue (terrible name, might as well call yourselves something equally rubbish like Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, or The Beatles) hasn’t made me want to listen to them.

    what really gets me is the name, god it’s buggin me. Amy Blue? Was Betty Blue already taken?

    Blue was already taken, yes? terrible uk boy band.

    Although, bigging up Viva Voce was a good thing – their album was one of the best of the year. That still won’t distract from the awfullness of the name Amy Blue.

  5. Miss Harvill

    I think Amy Blue lived down the hall in my freshman college dorm, then she dropped out to follow the Grateful Dead.
    My heart is full of poison today. Probably will be the rest of this week.

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