Tower Records’ Demise: You Have Seven Days To Score Your Last Bargains

Dec 15th, 2006 // 1 Comment

72124700.jpgThe timetable for Tower Records’ shuttering is set. The chain will be completely closed by next Friday, according to the Sacramento Bee–which also notes that the store’s flagship location in Sacramento will turn into (shudder) an FYE:

Another 20 to 30 stores will close this weekend, including the Citrus Heights record store, said Scott Carpenter, executive vice president with liquidator Great American Group.

Of the remaining 50 or so stores, most will close by Wednesday or Thursday. Another dozen or so locations are scheduled to wrap up Dec. 22, bringing the end of Tower in the United States.

No wonder our inboxes were filled with reports of crazy deals this morning–Tower Records’ final days are staring us in the face. We’re all for our readers picking at this carcass until it’s snatched from our grasp–just don’t get so enamored with the bargains that you start buying Hoobastank CDs.

Tower Fade-Out [, reg. req.)]
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  1. Tenno

    it’s rather depressing seeing the usual dark jacketed and Morrisey shirt wearing emo / punk /exclusionist crowd replaced by the sweat pants wearing / doughnut in hand crowd…….it’s the garage sale circuit for sure.

    PROTIP: the Las Vegas Tower on Sahara’s entire hip hop selection is now exclusively poorly photoshopped southern bling-hop. AWESOME!

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