Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed

Dec 15th, 2006 // Comment

pitchfork.jpgLast week, it was musicals; this week, it was a torch song that fooled you into believing our disguise as a Pitchfork writer. Our dummy sentence–“It’s records like this that make me want to cut and paste the lyrics of ‘Is That All There Is?’ into my review.”–was caught by a mere 26% of voters in our weekly Pick Of The ‘Fork poll. And here we thought this one was a gimme–don’t you remember the Cristina cover we posted a few weeks ago? Maybe next week we should try to drop an opera reference or two.

This week’s Pitchfork-sourced sentences, and their accompanying reviews:

“The secret to a successful indie pop song in the ADD mode is that each section is actually incredibly focused and catchy, not that it features a tuba.”: Envelopes, “Pink Christmas” (two stars from Dave Maher, and 18% of the vote)

“But a hunch: I could play 10 other similar soundtracks and you’d have a difficult time passing the Pepsi Challenge.”: Clint Mansell ft. Kronos Quartet & Mogwai, The Fountain OST (a 5.9 from Brandon Stosuy, and 25% of the vote)

“Must’ve been right about this point when M.C. Hammer wished he’d reconsidered buying that mansion.”: Babyshambles, The Blinding (a 6.1 from Marc Hogan, and 31% of the vote)


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