Stuck At Eleven: Morrissey Gets An Assist From The Kids

Dec 15th, 2006 // 7 Comments

Ringleader of the Tormentors, Morrissey’s “Italy record,” was a rebound from the disappointing You Are The Quarry–it was full of melodrama, lush guitars, and even a little bit of sex. But “The Youngest Was The Most Loved,” with its children’s choir singing “There is no such thing in life as normal” as if it’s a schoolyard taunt, is our favorite track; Morrissey’s “la-da-da”ing at the song’s outro puts the finishing touch on its birth-of-a-killer tale.

Morrissey – The Youngest Was The Most Loved [MP3, link expired]
The Youngest Was The Most Loved – Morrissey [YouTube]


  1. michaelpop

    Whoa, what? Quarry was a disappointment? First I’ve heard about it. If anything, Ringleader failed to maintain Quarry’s momentum.

  2. Cheap Shot

    I agree. Quarry, was the return of the Moz and I guess I have a soft spot for quarry because it was the first time I saw Morrissey live, and the songs held up to his other work, but Ringleader (which I just got and enjoy) is more like a continuation of Quarry.

    Does it really matter? He is one of the best lyricists alive and I’m thankful for anything he puts out.

  3. brasstax

    Ringleader is the Southpaw Grammar to Quarry’s Vauxhall and I.

  4. mistermarr

    Glad to hear a critic actually liked “Ringleader” and recognized the brilliant production… people seem to be generally down on it but I’m pretty fond of both “Ringleader” and “Quarry”… especially after several records buried under Steve Lillywhite’s snore-inducing reverb settings. Vauxhall was great writing but what a soupy mess in terms of production. Moz works better with sharper sounds underneath.

  5. joe bananas

    anyone big upping quarry over ringleader gets the gas face. quarry was straight chris deburgh. ringleader has balls.

  6. PerpetualCarouse

    Quarry a disappointment?

    You guys are a little bit retarded or something.

  7. FunkyJ

    I have suddenly lost all faith in Idolator and it’s commentators.

    Morrisey should take some Xanax or E and come out of the closet, or simply STFU and leave us out of his misery.

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