Liner Notes: Someone Still Loves You, Robbie Williams

Dec 15th, 2006 // 1 Comment

- In Australia, Robbie Williams has just enough fame to beat a $117 fine for smoking on stage. Doesn’t Am I Famous Enough To Get Away With This? sound like a late-night reality show waiting to happen? [AP via NYTimes]
- Ex-Darkness singer Justin Hawkins can give Robbie tips on the reality-TV lifestyle when he’s done with his Celebrity Big Brother stint. [Gigwise]
- And then, Justin and Robbie can go over to former N’ Syncer Joey Fatone’s house, where Fatone will give them a Dancing With The Stars lesson! Oh, what fun they’ll have! [Reality Blurred]

  1. MJ

    Oh Justin, you totally sold… SHHHHH!

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