The Vault: Remy Shand, Caucazoidian Loverman

Every once in a while, Idolator reaches into its vast record-collection vaults for a feature we’ve imaginatively titled The Vault. Today’s entry is another from Peter Rubin (not pictured), who’s been sitting several Canadian-culture jokes for the last few years, waiting for the perfect moment to spring them upon the world:

Blue-eyed soul is in an upswing right now, thanks to JT and various progeny of Growing Pains stars (we hear Boner’s kid has a killer falsetto)–which makes Remy Shand’s continued absence all the more distressing. A few years back, the Winnipegger dipped below the border to bless us with the lost Motown nug The Way I Feel, then promptly went the way of other unappreciated Canuckian talents like Maestro Fresh Wes and Brian Mulroney. (Although countryman Kardinal Offishall deserves an item of his own, so check back for that one. I see you, Kardi!). You might remember the narcoleptic-poetry-slam vibe of the album’s single, “Take a Message,” but the other ten tracks fill out an effort remarkable in its Anachronistic Sweetness. The most recent posting on (it’s like .com, but with an extra 18% tax) mentions that he’s in the studio–of course, that was October ’03, so you can probably expect his follow-up right around the time that Styles P’s Time is Money drops: Nevruary 32nd, 2016.

Remy Shand – The Colour of Day [MP3, link expired]
Remy Shand – I Met Your Mercy [MP3, link expired]

  • The Mozfather

    You guys simply do not understand the day-to-day joy of living in a country where nerdishness and a distinct lack of attractiveness are not impediments to stardom. Canada is like real life, but all the time.

  • themixtapeclub

    Finally, someone who appreciates Remy. His lack of material is criminal, as was his treatment by the press … just because he was on Motown. I had to break down and get the Georg Levin album to supplement my Remy addiction.

  • brainchild

    Remy Shand was an embarassment to music. I’m glad he’s MIA.