The “Rolling Stone” Reality-Show Trailer: Already Better Than “Perfect”

janncancook.jpgThe first look at MTV’s new “Rolling Stone” reality show is up at, and hot shit, we cannot wait for this to start: Where else will you find confused-looking twentysomethings conducting backstage interviews with the guy from Sparta?

Among the highlights:

- Rapper Slug macking on one of the contestants!
- A phoner with Snoop Dogg!
- A reporter scoring an online exclusive news story. Yes, an online exclusive!
- Appearances from Rolling Stone staffers such as Joe “When Joe Levy Breaks” Levy, Brian “Ryatt House” Hiatt, Jason “Oh So” Fine, and Jonathan “Lord Of The” Ringen!
- A cameo from a Spin staffer. We think!
- One reality-show cast member telling another reality-show member that he/she is straight-up disrespecting him/her!

I’m From Rolling Stone []

  • CortneyH

    That scene with Slug is awesome. Particularly because his ex is a famous feminist music critic.

  • Mike Barthel


  • EliD

    I can’t wait for the next Atmosphere album where Slug’ll have three songs moaning about how she broke his wimpy heart.

    It’ll be called ‘Backpack full of tissues’.

    I used to think Eminem was the ultimate crybaby…