Outro: A Week That Saw Us Attempt High Kicks While Wearing Spandex Onesies

Dec 15th, 2006 // Comment

dlr.jpg- Sure, it’s not even a done deal, but we already have the Van Halen reunion all planned out.
- Get your parkas ready: Axl Rose announced that hell will freeze over in March.
- Profane, ad hominem-filled official statements: They’re our reason for existing, really.
- Say it with us: Sell. Out.
- Razorlight: Why?
- Set your TiVos: The oncoming trainwreck that is the Rolling Stone reality show is totally going to have people disrespecting each others’ business.
- The only way to protect your digital music collection from disaster (from, say, hell freezing over) is to back it up.
- Hey, did you hear the hot rumor about people who were looking forward to iTunes’ collapse?
- Don’t be surprised if your local used-CD shop’s stock dries up soon.
- And on that note, don’t you think people on the Internet feel a little overentitled to free stuff?
- Finally, don’t forget: Jackin’ Pop polling closes Monday at 3 p.m. ET, which means you still have time to embrace the greatneess of JC Chasez’s “Until Yesterday.”

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