Bloggers Outside Of Music-Blog World Have No Idea Who Cold War Kids Are

Dec 15th, 2006 // 1 Comment

Technorati’s Popular Music page is yet another attempt to turn blogged-about music into a handy chart, and it certainly looks different than, say,; The Fray and Hinder are in the chart’s upper echelons, and there’s not a Sufjan Stevens reference to be found in the top 30. Our one quibble about this chart’s accuracy–and, well, it’s a big one–is the way it’s tabulated: list placement is deduced by outbound links to Amazon, of all places, which seems more than a bit outdated in a world that has both legal and illegal ways to acquire music without having to wait for a shipping fee. Shouldn’t there be a better way for the Internet’s main tracker of buzz to, well, track buzz? Or is this just another case of an ad deal resulting in a less-than-ideal “feature”?

Popular Music [Technorati]


  1. brandon

    Haha, Nickelback made that list!

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