Videodrone: Bono Reminds Us For the 3,467th Time That He Used To Listen To The Clash

The clip for U2’s “Window In The Skies”–a.k.a. “Coldplay In The Chorus”–strings together archival footage of pop stars like the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley, sometimes matching their performance with the song. It’s like an issue of Uncut come to life, and a reminder that no matter how many MySpacers and FaceBookers may be infiltrating the zeitgeist, the boomers will never stop with their history-reminding nostalgia trips. We get it, sixtysomethings: Your music was better, your drugs were stronger, your politicians were hotter. Now could you please shut the hell up and go back to greedily dismantling our social-security system?

U2 – Window In The Skies [YouTube]

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