’s User Recommendations Put The “Crazy” In “CrazyMoose777″

Dec 18th, 2006 // 3 Comments

If you’ve ever browsed through any of the gazillion user-written music suggestions on, you’ve no doubt asked yourself, “Who are you, BobaFett@ttack, and why do you love Breaking Benjamin so much?” Today, presents an overview of some of the site’s DIY year-end lists, along with commentary from the writers themselves, many of whom have handles like “CrazyMoose777″ or–we kid you not–”Chingy’s #1 Fan!!!!!!! Lil Romeo #1 Fan Too!”:

Username: “Pop_Fan01″
“I don’t really take the reviews of what people say seriously ’cause most of the time people who say an album sucks haven’t even listened to it; they just have something against the artist. I think Paris Hilton is a perfect example: People wrote such mean things but the album’s hot and they just don’t like her. A top-10 list to me [is made up of] the albums I listen to all the way through, daily.”

“Check Out These Albums Now!!!!”
» Christina Aguilera – Back to Basics
“I always love Christina and this album was so hot. Vocally she has such power and range and the songs are fun and/or emotional!”
» Paris Hilton – Paris
“This is actually a really fun album. Very catchy and vocally she can out-sing Britney at least!”
» Jessica Simpson – A Public Affair
“This is Jessica’s fun album. Not many ballads like we know her for but a lot of ’80s sounding dance songs and the ballads that are on the album are beautiful!”
he can out-sing Britney at least!”
» Pink – I’m Not Dead
“Her last album didn’t thrill me but this album is really good there are the fun sarcastic songs and the deep vocally amazing songs. Pink is worth the money!”
» Danity Kane – Danity Kane
“I really like this CD and if you ask a lot of stores underestimated how well it would do and sold out the first day it came out!”
» Rihanna – A Girl Like Me
“I wasn’t feeling her first album too much but these songs are all good. ‘Final Goodbye’ is my fave.”
» Trina – Glamorest Life
“Trina can really rap and this CD has her biggest hit ‘Here We Go Again’ with Kelly Rowland.”
» Cassie – Cassie
“It’s been a long time since I’ve like any Bad Boy artist but their girls are hot!”
» Pussycat Dolls – PCD
“Nicole used to be in Eden’s Crush and she got another hit with this CD!”
» Madonna – Confessions on a Dance Floor
“This CD is my calorie burning CD!”

Alas, the year-end list from Roommate_Of_Pop_Fan01–tentatively titled “What I’m Listening To When I’m Not Chloroforming Myself To Sleep”–was not available at press time.

Paris Hilton: Critics’ Fave? A Look At Amazon Users’ Top 10s [, but from the easier-to-read]

  1. Mike Barthel

    That’s a pretty good list actually. I can see myself having a year when this would be roughly my top 10, but this year wasn’t it.

  2. Donnie DiMauro

    I blame Time Magazine for this.

  3. RSL

    @ Donnie DiMauro,

    It’s too late to blame Time. They’ve already fingered you for the job, Mr. Person of the Year.

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