Liner Notes: Nelly Furtado Now Rapping Terribly In Multiple Languages

Dec 19th, 2006 // 4 Comments

nelly.jpg- Nelly Furtado is recording a Spanish-language album. Judging by her most recent haircut, might we suggest a cover of “She Bangs”? [MTV News, via the far easier-to-read]
- Bright Eyes’ next album, tentatively titled Please Don’t Sneeze–I’m So Very, Very Wispy, will be released in April. [NME]
- Legendary soul/funk label Stax will be revamped next year; their first signings include Issac Hayes and the woefully underappreciated Angie Stone. [Billboard]


  1. lucasg

    swear to god, i never expected to hear from her again after she first showed up on the scene a few years back.

    i remember seeing her on some late night talk shows, and she is seriously talentless!i had no idea human vocal cords could be located in the nose, but she proved otherwise.

    why won’t she go away? who buys this crap? who gave her a record deal in the first place?

  2. PengIn

    She seemed popular in that cellphone commercial. Why would the cell phone company lie to me? What do the have to gain?

  3. Jupiter8

    Dear God, she’s more of an embarassment to Canada’s music legacy than Chilliwack, Loverboy and Triumph combined…

  4. Come a little Miroslav Klose You're My Kind of Man

    I would only suggest that Ms Furtado cut her rhymes in Portuguese. For one, she speaks it fluently. Two, of the various languages that I have heard used for raps, Portuguese produced the most mesmerizing flow. The language itself almost seems to have that to it, unrapped, in fact.

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