This Stunt Will Only Work If The Song Is “Dick In A Box”

Dec 19th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Aspiring singers have been invited to compete for the chance to perform a duet alongside Justin Timberlake at the 49th annual Grammy Awards, to be held in Los Angeles February 11.

Starting today (December 18), contestants may submit a 60-second video of themselves singing one of nine Grammy-winning songs a cappella. The videos will appear on Yahoo Music and, where voters will have the chance to select their favourites.

Clearly, there’s one man who is perfectly suited for this prize. So … anybody know what Jesse Camp is up to these days?

Justin Timberlake fans on stage at Grammys [NME]

  1. cerulgalactus

    Who the hell references Jessie Camp?

  2. nh_dave

    I remember the last time Jesse came up I looked in the wikipedia entry and found this:
    * Currently works at Centinela Pet Supply on Pico Blvd in L.A.

    * Jesse Camp does not work at Centinela Pet Supply as of 11 10 06

    I love the internet LOL. For some reason it was removed from the current entry.

  3. brasstax

    LA readers need to hit every Petco in the area with cameras, yo.

  4. noamjamski

    Well see now you had me curious as to what Jesse Camp IS doing these days.

    From the always 100% dead on accurate friends at Wikipedia: In late 2006, he was reportedly working at a Los Angeles-area pet supply store.

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