“Rolling Stone” Giveth, And “Rolling Stone” Taketh Away

Dec 20th, 2006 // 5 Comments

coverrs.jpgWe hear it all the time: “Why don’t you jackanapes ever say anything nice about Rolling Stone?” (actually, this only happens once every two weeks, and it’s usually from some anonymous email account named janncancook@rollingstone.com). But after we read the new issue’s profile of the late cultural critic Paul Nelson–a deeply reported, heartbreaking long-form obit that’s one of the best things the magazine’s printed all year–we figured we’d enthusiastically steer you toward it.

As it turns out, though, the story is not on the magazine’s website. YouTube clips of screaming infants? Yep, they have that. Some stupid-ass poll about magic wands? That’s there, too. But no Nelson feature. Way to prioritize, RS.

And so we say, begrudgingly: Pick up the new RS, and read the Nelson feature. It’s worth wading through the half-dozen advertorials and pictures of scantily clad reality-show contestants. In the meantime, Nelson’s 2000 interview with rockcritics.com is below:

Whatever Happened to Paul Nelson? [Rockcritics.com]


  1. chaircrusher

    No matter how transparently Rolling Stone smokes Major Label dick in their music coverage, no matter how inane and publicist-driven their review sections, no matter the way they hop on every pop-culture bandwagon six months too late, you have to admit that the ‘serious’ writing in the Rolling Stone is often the best thing published in a mass-market periodical.

    The article in the ‘Snoop Dog’ issue about commercial pork production was really solid, and fascinating, if horrifying, reading. Really. You’ll never eat bacon again. MMMMmmmm Bacon…

  2. Mike P.

    Thanks for directing me towards the rockcritics.com Paul Nelson section. I didn’t really pay attention when he passed in July, but testimonials are actually quite moving. I may actually wind up buying an issue of RS. Don’t tell anyone.

  3. misterciscopike


  4. tankboy

    Oh my god, you deserve double-snaps for the Yan Can Cook ref.

  5. Merkin

    Even better, go read it at a library. Don’t spend money on that TP.

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