Reminds Us That Diners Club Cards Still Exist

Dec 20th, 2006 // 1 Comment

logo_general.gifA tipster let us know that the semi-sketchy Russian download site AllOfMP3 was back up and running last week, and we’d finally come to terms with the idea of handing over our credit card info to its allegedly secure servers. When we went to refill our balance we were directed to their sister site, Alltunes; we were thisclose to handing over 264 rubles when we found out that the cards that site was accepting were Diners Club and JCB. Diners Club? Who knew that they were so high-tech–especially since their official site is still decked out in first-Internet-bubble style, “Copyright 2000″ notice and all?
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    Stealing is wrong, kids. Stealing is wrong.

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