And At The Stroke Of Midnight, The Calendar Will Flip To A Randomly Selected Year From The Late 20th Century

Dec 20th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Behold, the line-up for “OrangeDrop 2007,” a California radio station’s New Year’s Eve concert. Yes, it’s ringing in 2007–we were confused for a second, too, until we saw that the show had its own MySpace profile.

Welcome To The OCNYE ~ OrangeDrop 2007 []

  1. jfruh

    Be sure to read the fine print, fans of C.C. DeVille and/or Rodney Browning Cravens!

  2. Calexxia

    Sad. Bret solo is usually more exciting than a Poison show these days, but I just don’t see him fitting into that lineup very well AT ALL! This will be worse than the show he did with Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker!

  3. drjimmy11

    I bet it’s still better than whoever KROQ (slogan: “KROQ: Where it’s always 1994 in a frat house”) has at their piece of shit show.

  4. drjimmy11

    I bet “Off White” lives up to their name, minus the “off” part of course.

    Come to think of it, I bet the whole show does. is there a sadder, or whiter phrase in all the English language than “JR Richards of Dishwalla.” That they couldn’t even get all of Dishwalla… wow.

  5. dv8r

    I love reading all the snide detractors… but i bet this party rocks harder than any hip uber indie show going on this NYE… in fact i made a list of gigs, and there isn’t much going on anywhere around the globe that rivals this gig for live entertainment…

    especially at bang for the buck prices…

    do you really wanna watch a member of Good Charlotte DJ for $100?

    where else can ya catch this many bands?

  6. Jupiter8

    Berlin? The English Beat? I knew nothing good was going to come out of VH1′s “Bands Reunited”…

  7. heyzeus

    The Violent Femmes are still fucking awesome. But other than them, I think I’d rather see Nancy Pelosi’s house band than the rest of this lineup.

  8. Dan Gibson

    KROQ’s show had My Chemical Romance, Jack FM has Everclear. Frat boy or no, KROQ’s the winner.

  9. teknohed

    have we really gotten to the point where the guy from Dishwalla appears as “so and so” from dishwalla. I mean that would put them on the same level as poison (whatever sad level that would be). Come on I wouldn’t have seen dishwalla with all the original members at their peak. Why do I want to see just the front man…that’s, well that’s just sad.

  10. teknohed

    drjimmy11 says:

    I bet it’s still better than whoever KROQ (slogan: “KROQ: Where it’s always 1994 in a frat house”) has at their piece of shit show.

    HAH Classic. I’m gonna have to steal that one.

  11. fraisefraise

    Is Soul Asylum one word now? Have they gone all matchboxtwenty on us (in name and, sadly, spirit)?

  12. jody

    it’s depressing that this is what blondie have been reduced to. i used to think they were the classiest band going.

  13. Dan Gibson

    Oh, cleverly marketed Jack FM…your fake personality’s musical taste is so crazy! It’s like you took the mediocre acts of the eighties and nineties and threw them into a blender!

  14. Ned Raggett

    I love how when the font size grows smaller after the Romantics we immediately move into the realm of ‘bands you have never heard of.’

  15. FionaScrapple

    I might go to this show and kill the person singing along loudest to “Blister in the Sun”.

    …just to watch them die.

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