Today Is Your Last Day To Prove That You Really, Really Love Lou Reed

Dec 21st, 2006 // 1 Comment

It’s been a long couple of weeks for Warren Hill, the Montreal man who discovered a rare Velvet Underground acetate at a New York City flea market in 2002. After selling the disc for $155,401–not a bad deal, considering he bought it for 75 cents–he discovered the buyer was a fraud.

But in just a few hours, the second auction for the rare disc ends, and it looks as if Hill will be making a nice return on his investment: As of this morning, the bidding is just over the $25,000 mark, with an anonymous bidder leading the charge (we’re pretty sure it’s John Cale–the dude loves throwing his Shrek money around)


  1. Butch Huskey

    not sure how much “Shrek” money he has, his song was used in the film but not on the soundtrack, for the cd he was replaced by Doofus Wainwright

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