Will Not Die, No Matter How Many Angry Companies Sue It


Now that Tower Records’ demise is less than 48 hours away, it’s time to focus our morbid fascinations on our favorite Russian cheap-music site, AllOfMP3. Arista Records, Warner Music, Capitol Records, and the litigation-happy Universal Music Group have collectively filed suit against Mediaservices, the company that runs the site; . In the suit, which was filed in New York, the labels claim that AllOfMP3 and its just-as-cheap sister site AllTunes are selling songs without permission; Mediaservices, however, is sticking by its assertion that it pays its teeny, tiny royalties out to a licensing body called Roms, which is charged with distributing the money to copyright holders. Mediaservices is also being sued by record labels in the UK, but given its sites’ apparent resistance to being felled by legal action (how many times have we been convinced that it was about to kick the bucket?) we were probably smart to apply for a Diners Club card yesterday.

Record firms sue Russian MP3 site [BBC] Earlier: Idolator’s coverage of