Year-End Analysis, Part V: Stereogum’s Readers Are More Indie Than You

Dec 21st, 2006 // 10 Comments

gum.gifEarlier today, Stereogum released the results of its readers’ poll, newly christened The Gummys; the albums list was topped by The Hold Steady’s Boys and Girls In America, with TV On The Radio, Grizzly Bear, Joanna Newsom, and The Decemberists rounding out the top five. If you want to get a bead on the tastes of the indier-than-thou folks out there, this poll is it; for evidence, we present the fact that the ‘Gum has a bloc of readers who thinks Colin Meloy (No. 3 in the “Mr. Indie Rock” balloting) is attractive.

THE GOOD: Stereogum readers aren’t completely clueless: 42% of them have the sense to think that Ryan Adams should go into a period of radio silence for the next year. And hey, an actual hip-hop record–Hell Hath No Fury, at No. 27–made the best-albums list! Way to go!
THE BAD: The “Mr. Indie Rock” (Sufjan Stevens) and “Ms. Indie Rock” (Chan Marshall) polls–the Gummys’ equivalent of crowning the king and queen of the prom–offend us on general principle, although it’s nice to see that Thom Yorke’s inclusion on the former list bore out the old “a guitar can make any guy hot” theory. Also, a note to whoever wrote up the “Mr. Indie Rock” section: Never, ever use the phrase “indie rock your boat” again. Yeesh.
THE WHAAA? Bob Dylan at No. 28? Isn’t he, like, old?

2006 Gummy Award Winners [Stereogum]

  1. brainchild

    i love how these indie rock sites always clamor towards one or two hip-hop releases every year… and it’s funny how the main topic on these records is always cocaine. i mean, this is by no means a new revelation (i think it’s even been touched on here a few times), but goddamn. listen to something else besides ghostface and the clipse for a change!

  2. The Mozfather

    I find it odder that Craig Finn made number 2 for Mr. Indie Hottie. Teenage indie-rock girls have terrible standards. They clearly have not been watching Hot Chip videos as assiduously as me, or else they would have chosen “That Tall Guy With The Kerchiefs Who Is The Only Hot Guy In The Band” for the post-Sufjan spot. Or even the moderately attractive but devilishly charismatic Dan Bejar.

    Of course, Josh Homme could eat them all for breakfast, and look fiiine doing it, but that goes without saying.

  3. Ned Raggett

    it’s nice to see that Thom Yorke’s inclusion on the former list bore out the old “a guitar can make any guy hot” theory

    Well yes:

    And if the world does turn, and if London burns
    I’ll be standing on the beach with my guitar
    I want to be in a band, when I get to heaven
    Anyone can play guitar
    And they won’t be a nothing anymore

  4. drjimmy11

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it:

    TV on the Radio is the worst non-Fred-Durst-fronted band in the world. Seriously, did anyone actually try listening to their music before putting it on these lists?

    Because it’s just awful.

  5. Dr. Paul Proteus

    drjimmy- I used to be in the same boat until I listened to the new record- seeing them live really helps a lot too. They’re def. not for everybody but I’d say giving cookie mountain another listen with an open mind might change your mind.

    Also indie rockers should know that just as they see hip hop/rap as having had a bad year with no innovative releases worth breaching the high levels of top-10-dom, the hip hop/electronic kids of the world think the exact same thing about indie rock. So get off yer soapbox.

  6. brainchild

    lol @ the doctor’s lumping the electronic kids in with the hip-hop kids. i’m on no soapbox. i just find it interesting that year after year, coke rap reigns supreme with the indie kids.

    but a good chunk of them walk around with coke boogers in their noses anyway, so whatever.

  7. joe bananas

    wait, what? the last few indie-beloved hip-hop records I can recall have been kanye west, outkast, jay-z’s black album and madvillain; while jay used to rap about selling crack, black is way more about his career. so in other words: examples to bear out the “year after year” comment?

    fwiw, i agree that there do seem to be a handful of “approved!” hip-hop albums every year – i just don’t think they’re all necessarily crack-oriented.

  8. Catbirdseat

    Wow, I only just realized while reading this post that whilst “indie” used to mean “cool” to me, it now means the complete opposite.

  9. brainchild

    joe, none of the albums you’ve mentioned have been as championed by indie internet geeks as the Clipse’s highly underwhelming Hell Hath No Fury. Or what about all the love given to Rick Ross’ embarassing “Hustlin’” I mean, Fader even gave dude a cover story and all he did was claim to know Noriega (the REAL Noriega, even!).

    and to Catbirdseat… you can blame Pitchfork for that.

  10. mreasy

    Craig Finn?!?!? Terrible taste in music is one thing, but this?!?! I mean, Sufjan is a good-looking guy. A little pedestrian, a little bit more house-painter-esque than I’d prefer, but understandable: the boy is built, and he has amazing eyes. From there on down, the list gets a little…horrific, save for Ed Droste, who is legitimately hot, and Beck, who is hot but shouldn’t qualify as “indie rock.” Conor Oberst has always looked like a sniffly twelve-year-old. What is wrong with these people?!? Where are actual hotties like Jens Lekman, Will Sheff, Kyp Malone, or Ty Braxton? Zach Condon is cute, but cute like a baby. Thom Yorke is cute like E.T. And, um, Colin Meloy??

    All the women on the “Miss Indie Rock” list are white-hot foxes. Why, considering men outnumber women in indie music by about 5:1, couldn’t Stereogum’s readers come up with 10 actually-hot “hot” indie guys? Are there 10 out there, even?

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