White People Who Rap: Still Pretty Funny, Right?

Dec 21st, 2006 // 10 Comments

mc%20serch.jpgFormer 3rd Bass member and “Gas Face” dispenser MC Serch–last seen duking it out with other professional honkies on his MySpace page–has a new gig: He’s hosting VH1′s upcoming Ego Trip’s The White Rapper Show, which we will never, ever watch–mostly because we just don’t care, but also because it looks as though it’s going to be nothing but ceaseless Robert Van Winkle and Snow jokes. From Radar:

When you were coming up, how ghetto were you? Have you ever been in trouble with the 5-0?
You know what? I have actually had some run-ins with the PO-9. Yes. I actually had a run-in with the PO-9 on Monday.
What did you do?
I got into a little bit of a car chase with some dudes.
Was it Vanilla Ice?
Nah, but it was probably his manager.
So is the feud still alive?
The feud is still ongoing.
Who’s winning so far?
I think I got him by three or four years of credibility.

True, but Serch is forgetting the three years of that are subtracted from his cred card for answering questions like “How ghetto were you?” and “Is it okay if I call you a wigger?” without sounding even slightly demoralized by the whole thing.

The Amazing Race? [Radar online]

  1. kiteless

    he’s right, that interview was fresh.

  2. Poubelle

    Wigger? Is that like cracker?

  3. qyntellspitbull

    Go back to selling baseball cards.

    What? It’s the other guy from 3rd Bass that does that?

    Whatever, all white people look the same to me.

  4. Jay

    You know he’s only doing this to get in good graces with VH1. A few episodes of this then he can weasel his way into a dating show, hopefully titled “Serch for Love.”

  5. mackro

    Serch looks a lot like The Chopper now, who is this insane used car salesman in Henderson, Nevada. Just search for “The Chopper used cars” and witness.

  6. xtianrut

    Speaking of funny, rapping white guys, anyone ever check out Tom Green’s Canadian rap thing? Feast upon it:


    He’s the pencil-neck. Like I had to tell you…

  7. Tenno

    speaking as a local, nobody is more insane than ‘the chopper’, he even raps….

  8. Jude

    How does a fat former rapper maintain the fat? Gig-less=skinny I always thought.

  9. FionaScrapple

    Axl Rose is gonna win this thing, easy!

  10. How ought to women dress for the 1st date?

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