Diddy’s Twins Born; “Making Da Band: Family Style” Slated To Air In 2016

P%20Diddy.jpgDiddy’s girlfriend, Kim Porter, gave birth to twin girls this morning; the rap impresario announced the birth via his MySpace blog. The girls’ names haven’t been revealed yet, but we’re sure there will be an announcement on his YouTube channel once the sponsorship deals are finalized.

The Twins Have Arrived! [Diddy's MySpace blog]

  • Bob Loblaw

    I heard he’s paying Derek Angeletti to write the names for him.

  • cganz

    By far the best part about this is the people who left comments on Diddy’s MySpace like, “congratulations with all my heart and soul!” We are officially a society with too much time on our hands.

  • Spiny Norman

    I just can’t wait for him to introduce the world to his lovely lil’ homegirlz: “General Motors” and “Gillette”…