The Vault: Stuffing Your Stocking With Mash-Ups And Cheer

fac51bsmall.gifEvery once in a while, we reach into our vast record-collection vaults for a feature we’ve imaginatively titled The Vault. Today, we’re handing over the keys to friend-of-Idolator Jon Solomon, whose 19th annual 24-hour Christmas show for Princeton’s WPRB begins at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday. Nineteen years of 24-hour shows add up to a lot of holiday music, and he’s sent us a few Christmas-themed curios: both sides of the New Order Christmas flexi, which was given away at the Hacienda’s 1982 Christmas Eve party (it’s stamped with Factory number 51b, for those of you keeping track); a mash-up of dialogue bits from A Charlie Brown Christmas with “Linus And Lucy”; and a tune from the Christmas catalog of the classic Jamaican label Trojan Records. Wash it all down with some egg nog.

New Order – Rocking Carol [MP3, link expired]
New Order – Ode To Joy [MP3, link expired]
DJ John – The Christmas Massacre Of Charlie Brown [MP3, link expired]
Frank Cosmo – Merry Christmas [MP3, link expired]
Jon Solomon []

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