Keep The Receipt: The Albums Nobody Wanted This Year

Dec 26th, 2006 // Comment

tyrese.jpgNow that the gift-giving season has all but passed, we proudly present Keep The Receipt, a look at the 2006 releases that were on absolutely nobody’s wishlist, and that could only have been purchased by mistake. Look for these records to be swiftly returned in the coming days and weeks.

Artist: Tyrese (aka Black-Ty)
Album: Alter Ego
Why nobody wanted it: Ego is the fourth album from model-singer-actor Tyrese Gibson. The double-disc set features the songs “Better Than Sex” and “Come Back To Me Shawty.”
Who didn’t want it: Dale Wilkinson, a Philadelphia-area account manager who mistakenly believed the CD might contain songs and/or pictures featuring America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks; Christine Tripp, a Los Angeles eighth grader who repeatedly stressed to her family members that Mr. Gibson is “mad hot,” but never expressed interest in hearing him duet with R. Kelly; Brandy Carlyle, a receptionist for J. Records who raided the label’s promo pile too late in the holiday season.
When they’ll return it: Within 3-5 days.

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