“I’m From Rolling Stone” Contestants Have Already Mastered The Art Of The Short, Moronic Q&A

Dec 26th, 2006 // 1 Comment

We’re only a few weeks away from the premiere of I’m From Rolling Stone, the new MTV reality show that promises to combine the sexed-up demographic-straddling antics of The Real World with the “Why are there so many old white people?” publishing-biz realities of The McLaughlin Group. The show’s official blog (which actually the includes the phrase “kinda awesome”) has some video interviews with its six contestants, and we can’t pick our favorite: Is it Krystal, who looks forward to her RS gig because it won’t force her to practice “hardcore journalistic style” writing? Russell, the former juvenile delinquent whose “whatever, dude” demeanor is either a play-it-cool ruse or a none-too-subtle reminder of how the under-25 demo views the magazine these days? Or is it Steadman, the old-fogey splatter-drawing illustrator who sits in the corner and whines about how some dead guy named Hunter would have never stood for this shit?

They’re Ready For Their Close-Ups [Rollingstone.com]


  1. Jeanne Wolf's Hollywood

    This show looks so incredibly stupid. And the people appear to be faker than fake. Is there one person out there who watches MTV religiously AND enjoys Rolling Stone? I look to people like my 19 yo sister who does watch MTV religiously and has absolutely no idea that Rolling Stone is even a magazine. Or that even Spin is a magazine.

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