“D–k In A Box”: The Inevitable Remakes Begin

Dec 26th, 2006 // 1 Comment

It happens every winter: After months and months of bellyaching about how Saturday Night Live isn’t funny anymore, how the whole thing has become a string of talk-show and awards-show parodies, and how “Weekend Update” has grown so smug and glib it deserves its own new word (“smlib”), one sketch comes along and makes everyone forget how crappy the show has become. Last week’s “Dick In A Box” bit is clearly this season’s amnesia inciter, and YouTube evidence suggests that no freshman-year winter break is complete without an afternoon spent filming your own version (or filming a puppet commentary on said versions). It’s fun for now, but we have to wonder: Is YouTube all of a sudden allowing “dick” to be thrown around on the site without tagging it as inappropriate? Or are they, much like the rest of America, willing to give anything Justin Timberlake-related a pass?

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  1. MosH8ed

    SNL is still a bunch of shite. That said, any skit that has anything to do with the “lonely island” boys is comedic gold!

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