Arcade Fire No Longer Has To Worry About Fans Leaking New Record

Thanks to a mix-up at Merge Records, there’s a new Arcade Fire MP3 making the rounds–but not many people have posted it yet. Here’s why: The group’s lead-off single, “Intervention,” was earmarked as a charity single on the iTunes store–but as it turns out, someone at the band’s record label sent the wrong track, and now “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations” has been let loose on the web (lead singer Win Butler explains the situation here; you can also read about it here and here).

According to searches on the Hype Machine and, nobody’s put the song up yet–probably because putting a fund-raising single online for free strikes even the most unscrupulous blogger as rather dickish, especially two days after Christmas (as long as the music blogosphere is made up mostly of indie-rock nerds, expect plenty of moral equivocation when it comes to leaks). Besides, at this point, everyone’s just waiting for the whole damn album to be unleashed.

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