The Vault: The Au Pairs Hit The Beeb

Dec 27th, 2006 // 1 Comment

aupairs.gifThe Birmingham foursome known as the Au Pairs sang about gender equality and the binding nature of monogamy, and their two full-lengths are undersung pieces of the late-70s British postpunk catalogue.The band visited the BBC seven times, and the compilation Equal But Different collects those drum-tight sessions; among the standout tracks are the band’s too-hot-for-TV song about the female orgasm, “Come Again,” and a cover of David Bowie’s “Repetition.”

Au Pairs – Come Again (BBC Session) [MP3, link expired]
Au Pairs – Repetition (BBC Session) [MP3, link expired]
Au Pairs – We’re So Cool (BBC Session) [MP3, link expired]
Au Pairs [The Women of 1970's Punk]


  1. chocomel


    bring those links back!

    i’m sorry i waited, i’ll never do it again, i swear!

    i’ve been looking for ‘playing with a different sex’ for years (granted, only in shops, not online) and was beyond excited for getting a chance to download this.

    now, boo-hoo,back to square one, crap…pleasepleasepleasepleaselinks?

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