Keep The Receipt: The Albums Nobody Wanted This Year

Dec 28th, 2006 // 1 Comment

soundof.jpgNow that the gift-giving season has all but passed, we proudly present Keep The Receipt, a look at the 2006 releases that were on absolutely nobody’s wishlist, and that could only have been purchased by mistake. Look for these records to be swiftly returned in the coming days and weeks.

Artist: Various
Album: Sound Of Superman
Why nobody wanted it: Released just as Superman Returns was hitting theaters, Sound Of Superman includes 14 songs “inspired” by the titular icon, including tracks from American Hi-Fi and Nightmare Of You. Five tracks feature the word “Superman” in the title.
Who didn’t want it: Ronald Hurt, a San Diego copywriter who has yet to convince his mother that his brief interest in comic books ended in 1988; Steve Walsh, a Superman enthusiast who collects Superman Returns pogs, magazine ads, and candy bars, but who draws the line at “crass tie-ins”; Donovan Leitch, a folk singer and online-shopping novice who was trying to pick up copies of Sunshine Superman for a recent string of in-store appearances.
When they’ll return it: Within 12 hours.


  1. KurticusMaximus

    It’s Nightmare of You. Not Nightmares.

    It’s got a pretty decent acoustic cover of the Foo Fighter’s “My Hero” done by Paramore, though.

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