Stuck At Eleven: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Head Into The Desert

Dec 28th, 2006 // 1 Comment

yys.jpgCompiling a year-end Top 10 list means making plenty of painful nips, tucks, and tweaks. So, through the end of 2006, we present “Stuck At Eleven,” a daily look at the songs that came thisclose to making our year-end lists’ final cut.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ second album came and went, it seemed, absent the fanfare of their previous albums, which is a shame, because it’s actually a pretty solid rock record; sure, it didn’t have the beer-over-the-head brio of its predecessor, but hey, we’re older, too, and those sorts of antics just seem a bit adolescent to us now. The sun-baked “Way Out” was Bones‘ most-replayed track in our iTunes–its gritty stomp and cascading guitars made it sound as if it had come straight out of a late-night college radio show from 1992.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Way Out [MP3, link expired]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs [MySpace]

  1. Chris Molanphy


    Do all of these “Stuck at Eleven”s mean you guys are still compiling your Top 10s?


    Is there an ETA for Jackin’ Pop?


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