Keep The Receipt: The Albums Nobody Wanted This Year

Dec 29th, 2006 // 2 Comments

madonnasecret.jpgNow that the gift-giving season has all but passed, we proudly present Keep The Receipt, a look at the 2006 releases that were on absolutely nobody’s wishlist, and that could only have been purchased by mistake. Look for these records to be swiftly returned in the coming days and weeks.

Artist: Madonna
Album: I’m Going To Tell You A Secret
Why nobody wanted it: Secret is a CD/DVD combo that documents Madonna’s most recent concert tour. Songs include “Die Another Day,” “I Love New York,” and “American Life.”
Who didn’t want it: Amanda Bentley, a Madonna fan who did not realize the album included an audio component; Craig Bowers, a seventh grader from suburban Philadelphia who had secretly hoped that the titular “secret” would involve ample nudity; Derek Michener, an unmarried Sioux Falls bank teller who’s been unable to convince his co-workers that he’s not gay.
When they’ll return it: Within 3 hours.

  1. Ned Raggett

    Say what you want about “Die Another Day,” it’s the only thing about that Bond movie that is incredibly better than its Casino Royale equivalent.

  2. JackieTreehorn

    Yeah, not sure if buying a Madonna CD is the best way to assert your hetero street cred amongst your friends. What, where they out of Streisand and Carole King CDs?

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