The 2006 Outro: Looking Back At A Year In Which We Joined A Grand Pantheon Of Cranky Old Farts

Idolator has only been around for three short months, but trust us, it feels more like ten long years. And what have we learned in our brief lifetime?

- A lot of music writers need to re-take Journalism 101, while a lot of music bloggers need to re-take Intro To Eighth-Grade Yearbook Essentials.
- Sometimes, a satirically crappy magazine is even more laughable than an actually crappy magazine.
- We should only write about boring country-pop stars when they flip their wig on national television.
- No matter how much you plan and prepare, you’ll always have to stop and take an unexpected leak.
- People just don’t seem to have strong feelings about bands like Lily Allen, the Knife, and the Hold Steady.
- You can never get enough mileage out of the phrase “shiny brown turd”
- …or, for that matter, a phrase like “swingin’ on the flippity flop.”
- Nobody likes a sellout–nor do they like a long rant about said sellouts.
- Being forced to watch the American Music Awards should require hazard pay.
- Glenn Danzig is our favorite heavy-metal weiner(sp?).
- And finally: We have the best commenters in the whole damn world–even if one of them really needs to get a haircut.

  • AlannaBanana

    I missed The Hold Steady Mad Libs first time around… it just made me do an inappropriate-for-work guffaw. I love them but I can certainly appreciate mockery of their lyrics. Oh, that Holly. When will she ever learn?

  • Ned Raggett

    Never knew Dennis needed to get a haircut.

  • Chris Molanphy

    I just did! (haircut) – last week or so. That picture was taken about 176 haircuts ago, assuming 5.5 cuts per year….

    DanGibson, on the other hand – that hair is dreamy.

    Thanks to Idolator for putting me under “damn.” And also for, y’know, general awesomeness, and giving me something to type into this year that’s so much easier than my own blog.

    P.S. You forgot Silversun Pickups – nobody had an opinion on them, either.

  • Dan Gibson

    You know, if that hairstyle was good enough to get me into Appetite era Guns N’ Roses, it stays.

    My favorite posts of Idolator’s existence were the Christian Rock ones guest posted by Andrew Beaujon, but that’s mostly because I can sound like an expert commenting on those.

    Hey Dennis and Ned, we should sign up for that VH1 Pop Culture quiz show. Idolator’s Gawker overlords could sponsor us or something.

  • Ned Raggett

    There’s a thought. But what would we call our team? The Iconoclasts?

  • Dan Gibson

    The name’s not important to me, just as long as it makes Lily Allen mad.

  • Dan Gibson

    The logistics are certainly an issue, but in exchange for some plane tickets, I’d be happy to mention Idolator a few times on basic cable. With Vh1′s generous repeat policy, the brand exposure is priceless.

  • Kappuru

    The beginning of that Lily Allen video , when she’s in the record shop.. I know it’s supposed to be humorous, but it incites the urge to kill.

  • Chris Molanphy

    See, and here I thought we’d be doing it for the glory of Lily Allen.

    I’m in. But I think we’d have to schlep to, like, Orlando for VH1′s tryouts. (I smell an Idolator/Disney cobranding opportunity…)

  • BlimpyMcFlah

    I’d like to kill Lily Allen too, but then have it orf wiv ‘er…

    ‘Appy New Year!

  • BlimpyMcFlah

    2007: watch in awe as The View do an arctic monk-ism in 2007. Inevitable. See you, and this comment at the end of year round up, just 364 days away.

    Happy new year!