Busta Rhymes Expected To Throw “World’s Best Boss” Coffee Mug At Employee

Nearly two weeks after allegedly assaulting a former employee, Busta Rhymes put on his best Christmas sweatshirt and turned himself into police last night in Manhattan. Rhymes was charged with third-degree assault for a Dec. 26th incident in which Rhymes (again, allegedly) pummeled his ex-driver after being asked for money. The New York Post has a summary of Rhymes’ crimes so far:

This isn’t Rhymes’ first brush with the law. He’s already facing assault, attempted-assault and harassment charges for allegedly beating up a fan who spit on a car in the stars’ entourage on Aug. 12. Rhymes, a resident of Baldwin, L.I., is accused of kicking Roberto Lebron in the head and torso.

Last month, he was slapped with a weapons charge because a machete was found inside the car that night, police said. Prosecutors have reportedly offered Rhymes a plea bargain for six months behind bars in that case, but the rap star has refused to take that deal.

Police also believe Rhymes witnessed the unsolved murder of his bodyguard, Israel Ramirez, 29, last February but he so far has refused to cooperate with investigators.

In addition, police also want to question Rhymes about his role in 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection; the question is, “What the hell were you thinking when you starred in Halloween: Resurrection?”

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