Idolator Presents The “I’m From Rolling Stone” Episode Guide

Question: If five young music-journalist wannabes leave the West Coast at the same time, and all of them travel on the same delusion-fueled, 600-mph plane, at what time will they arrive in New York City to find Rolling Stone executive editor Joe Levy trampling their dreams? That’s the question we put to Idolator intern Kate Richardson, who provides the first installment of our episode guide to MTV’s Sunday-night smackdown I’m From Rolling Stone:

Highlights from Episode 101: “From Complete Unknown to Rolling Stone”

-Krishtine (24, San Francisco) commits the following offenses in her opening segment alone: Rapping the line “Leave the cupcakin’ for the suckas/Oven mitt-wearin’ Duncan Hines mothafuckas”; proudly having no idea who the hell Jann Wenner is, or how to pronounce his name; saying to her friend, “You know how we’re, like, real bloods and shit, right?”

-Krystal (24, Salina, Calif.) threatens to leave her spacey (but seemingly loveable) boyfriend for Steven Tyler–because the first thing that comes to the mind of any 24-year-old who’s just been given an internship at Rolling Stone is an affair with an aged arena-rock frontman.

- Peter (22, Sydney) is gently-but-firmly told by Rolling Stone editor Joe Levy to not write his stories drunk.

- Levy smacks down the interns’ assignments with such critical notes as “lacking focus,” “overly wordy,” and “I’d get rid of it entirely.”

-Krishtine pledges to “[bring] the hood to Rolling Stone.”

-Krishtine tragically forgets to put in her grill before her office ID photo.


Most annoying intern (so far): As if you have to ask: Krishtine, by sheer volume of idiotic moments in the first episode alone. But we also have high hopes for Russell (26, San Francisco), who’s got an inexplicable chip on his shoulder, a lazy attitude, and lots of self-importance. Just like most other magazine interns.

Least annoying intern: Colin (20, Eugene, Ore.), because he seems polite and relatively quiet. Then again, we had to look him up just to remember who he was.

Episode grade, on a Rolling Stone-like scale of three stars to three-and-a-half stars: Three stars.
Jann’s beard growth, on a scale of 1 to 10: 4

  • GeddyLee

    Me: Wow, this show is not as bad as I thought it would be.

    Roommate Who Has Nothing To Do With The Music Industry: Wow, who would give a shit about this show outside of the music industry?

    Me: Um…

  • mickeyprecious

    Right after the first test shot was taken, the photographer had to tell the stylist to: “go get a stack of CD’s or something and put it in front of the blonde’s “cha-cha.” We have to keep this shit G-rated!”

    Seriously, what an exhibitionist. She’s like the JoJo of coquettish females.

  • beta.rogan

    I wasn’t aware Rolling Stone had anything to do with the music industry either. They’re like the MTV of print magazines.

  • Jay

    Joe Levy also once told me I “lacked focus.” Maybe that a catch phrase of his or something.

  • Otto-Reimer

    Well, you have to give Rolling Stones credit for getting a group of people together who have nothing to say, to write about music that says nothing.

    I watched a little of this, and each one of these “interns” reminded me of people I see at CMJ and SXSW who hold their walkie talkies and badges tightly, whispering to themselves, “I am the music industry, I am the music industry” only to return to their jobs at Hastings a week later.

    And as for Joe Levy, he wouldn’t recognize the next Hunter S. Thompson if that writer showed up in a seersucker suit and did a line of mojo off his desk. Stupid fuck thinks gonzo was just a Muppet blowing his horn.

  • Furman P. Slothra

    So far the star of this show is Joe Levy’s lip scar.

  • Nicolars

    Was Krsihtine’s mother drunk when she named her? Actually, FAS would explain a lot about many mtv reality show stars.

  • Brian Raftery

    Sonic Reducer, we need to talk! Hit us up at tips [at]!

  • mike a

    Pleeease, Idolator, please say that we can see scans of Ruckus Magazine?

  • sncreducer

    “Well, you have to give Rolling Stone credit for getting a group of people together who have nothing to say, to write about music that says nothing.”

    Line of the day, Otto.

    As Krishtine’s college editor, let me:

    A) apologize for any small part I may have played, against my will, in unleashing this nightmare into the craft of journalism and the world at large; and

    B) guarantee to you that the behavior you see on the show is 100% real and has nothing to do with the presence of cameras. The refusal to rewrite a piece or listen to editors; the lazy, unfocused story pitches; and the general egomania and shit-talking are all her daily habits.

    She did leave me with one pleasant memory, though – after hearing her constantly brag about being the editor of Ruckus Magazine, we finally got our hands on a copy. It was postcard-sized and about 20 pages long, and included the “Dime of the Month” and the Weed of the Month, as well as Krishtine’s feature about “Malcom X” (sic). Oh, how we laughed.

  • antistar

    I have to say I hated all these people immediately. I thought the show overall was terrible as well.

  • goathair

    Where’s the review of I’m a White Rapper?

  • BrownPeril

    However intentional it may be, cause we know Michael Richards didnt think he was racist when he made those infamous remarks at the Laugh Factory over month ago, the writer of this piece appears to have some very racist inclinations. There appears to be a sentiment of a fear of blackness from your piece, as you clearly demonstrate an irritation to Krishtine’s attitudinal ways that are very cultural, especially within the Filipino community in the Bay Area.

    If you want to say Krishtine acts to “ghetto” to be a music writer why dont you go ahead and make your stereotypical and prejudicial comment?

    Take your pompous elitism and and step off.

  • Kate Richardson

    I don’t want to say that because that’s a lazy way to characterize someone. I’d rather highlight the more absurd qualities in Krishtine that I would gladly celebrate were she a quality journalist. But her insistence upon self-promotion and lazy journalism only make her “attitudinal ways” ripe for for mockery.

    Having a grill and joking with her prim-looking friend about being a Blood and whatever else it is that may be a product of her cultural environment is not what bothers me…it’s Krishtine herself. As a person.