Idolator Presents The “I’m From Rolling Stone” Episode Guide

Question: If five young music-journalist wannabes leave the West Coast at the same time, and all of them travel on the same delusion-fueled, 600-mph plane, at what time will they arrive in New York City to find Rolling Stone executive editor Joe Levy trampling their dreams? That’s the question we put to Idolator intern Kate Richardson, who provides the first installment of our episode guide to MTV’s Sunday-night smackdown I’m From Rolling Stone:

Highlights from Episode 101: “From Complete Unknown to Rolling Stone”

-Krishtine (24, San Francisco) commits the following offenses in her opening segment alone: Rapping the line “Leave the cupcakin’ for the suckas/Oven mitt-wearin’ Duncan Hines mothafuckas”; proudly having no idea who the hell Jann Wenner is, or how to pronounce his name; saying to her friend, “You know how we’re, like, real bloods and shit, right?”

-Krystal (24, Salina, Calif.) threatens to leave her spacey (but seemingly loveable) boyfriend for Steven Tyler–because the first thing that comes to the mind of any 24-year-old who’s just been given an internship at Rolling Stone is an affair with an aged arena-rock frontman.

– Peter (22, Sydney) is gently-but-firmly told by Rolling Stone editor Joe Levy to not write his stories drunk.

– Levy smacks down the interns’ assignments with such critical notes as “lacking focus,” “overly wordy,” and “I’d get rid of it entirely.”

-Krishtine pledges to “[bring] the hood to Rolling Stone.”

-Krishtine tragically forgets to put in her grill before her office ID photo.


Most annoying intern (so far): As if you have to ask: Krishtine, by sheer volume of idiotic moments in the first episode alone. But we also have high hopes for Russell (26, San Francisco), who’s got an inexplicable chip on his shoulder, a lazy attitude, and lots of self-importance. Just like most other magazine interns.

Least annoying intern: Colin (20, Eugene, Ore.), because he seems polite and relatively quiet. Then again, we had to look him up just to remember who he was.

Episode grade, on a Rolling Stone-like scale of three stars to three-and-a-half stars: Three stars.Jann’s beard growth, on a scale of 1 to 10: 4

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