“33 1/3” Book Series Is Looking For A Few Good Nerds


If you’ve ever dreamed of writing 10,000 words on how nobody “gets” 12 Inches Of Snow, then you’re in luck: The 33 1/3 books–in which writers go cocnuts over one specific album–is looking for some proposals. From the series’ blog:

We’re now accepting proposals for future 33 1/3 books, to be published in 2008 and 2009. Here are some rules, guidelines and ramblings:

* Proposals on artists already covered in the series (or under contract to be covered) will not be accepted. In other words, these people:

It then goes on to list your first, second, and fifteenth choices. But don’t fret: A Celine Dion tome got accepted last year, meaning they’re looking for titles outside of the classic-rock/soul/indie canons. Either that, or Rene Angelil just got his first book deal.

Times of the Season! [33 1/3]