The Vault: Sloan Gets The Blues, And It Hurts So Good

navyblues.jpgTomorrow, Never Hear The End Of It, the 324th album by the Canadian pop monsters Sloan, gets its sorta-delayed release in the US. Paper Covers Rock has a couple of tracks from Never, which clocks in at 30 tracks; since we’re feeling a little Canadian today, we pulled out Sloan’s 1998 album Navy Blues, which still drips with the four-part-harmony charm that we became besotted with eight nine years ago. (Plus, the way “Money City Maniacs” opens with a siren call gets us every time.)

Sloan – Money City Maniacs [MP3, link expired]
Sloan – C’mon C’mon (We’re Gonna Get It Started) [MP3, link expired]
Sloan [MySpace]

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