More MacWorld: Will The iTunes Store And The Beatles Finally Come Together?

Here’s another photo from the MacWorld demo of the (real) iPhone’s musical interface–it looks pretty slick, but we couldn’t help but notice that all of the albums are by the Beatles, one of the bands whose catalog is still unavailable via digital music channels. Could this be Apple’s sly way of saying that they’ve finally buried the hatchet with that other Apple?

[Photo via Gizmodo]
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  • JudgeFudge

    “You Know My Name, Use The Touch-Sensitive Interface To Look Up The Number”

  • MTS

    Wasn’t Apple Records beef with Apple Computers about how people might think they’re the same company b/c of the name similarity? Now that Apple Computers has dropped the “computers” part, I think Apple Records might not be so pleased…

  • Jupiter8

    …unless they dropped their legal battles as well…I won’t be happy until “Mr. Moonlight” is my ringtone…

  • Chris Molanphy

    Hey, JudgeFudge, that’s my joke!

    Knowing Jobs, he probably wants to save the Beatles announcement for a day when

    (a) he’s not announcing so much other hardware stuff, lest the news get buried;

    (b) he’s announcing something smaller than the iPhone, which needs some sprucing up headline-wise; and

    (c) Paul McCartney is available to make an appearance.

  • The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Seeing this phone is just like…..seeing Jesus I suppose. Except instead of Jesus there is John, Paul, George and Ringo. And I can visit Facebook at the same time.

  • ScottVanPeltIsMyHero

    Well it’s the Beatles, so doesn’t that make it bigger than Jesus?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I believe the quote was “more famous than Jesus”.