Apparently, Lady Sovereign Angered The Wrong Man With A Donut-Costumed Friend

donut.jpgRemember Zach Slow, the guy who spent $10,000 on Lady Sovereign, only to get dissed by her in the press? It would appear that he isn’t going to let this whole thing drop, going so far as to enlist his friend to challenge Sov to a duel last night in San Francisco. The twist? The friend was dressed up like a jelly donut:

During the show, supporters of the kid handed out images of a Jelly Donut with the instructions, “hold this up and chant for Jelly Donut after the fourth song.” The girl leads off with her most popular jam, followed by a couple of forgettable tracks. The crowd is anxious (well, at least I was) when the fourth song arrives. Some people hold up their donuts. Nothing happens.

After the fourth song, the girl notices the guy in the audience and starts taunting him, “you fucking kid. You stoner. I love SF but I hate this kid. You fucking grandma’s boy. You stoner.. you’re just a Beavis! Hahaha (lauging at self) Hahaha.” Meanwhile, people have started chanting “JEL-LY… JEL-LY… JEL-LY…” and the bouncers are running around the audience and hopping up on stage. The girl spits her her drink at the donut, and the audience retaliates with some more liquid, tagging her square in the face. Bouncers continue to bounce, the girl drops another song, the crowd is quelled, and the donut is ejected.

Slow and his pals are apparently planning a fourth round of heckling, fighting, and blogging, and while we love a good stunt, we also love a good stunt that knows when it’s run its course. Zach, take our advice: It’s time to let it go, mainly because if you keep this up, you will never get a date again.

Lady not so Sovereign in SF []
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[Photo via telethon]

  • CultureBully

    When it comes down to who would win: Jelly Donut vs. Lady Sov…I’m stickin with the pastry:

  • lucasg

    i’ll pretty much do whatever a person in a donut costume tells me to, when it comes down to it.

  • Kappuru

    Any bakery pastry would be better than Lady Sovereign. Talk about success going to the head.

  • deusdiabolus

    Jelly Donut is quality. He should go on tour, takin’ out MCs like take-out dozens from Krispy Kreme.

  • joshservo

    What happens in another 2 months when Sov isn’t, you know, famous anymore? Does this kid’s acrimony roll over to, say, Lily Allen? Amy Winehouse? Trinny and Susannah from the BBC version of “What Not To Wear?”

  • Feh Am Legend

    As much as the kid needs let this fuckin’ go already, the Jelly Donut thing is as arbitrary as it might seem. BoingBoing pointed to a video ( of some guy indeed dressed in a donut custom taking out rappers at a battle. They all seem rather crappy to me, but the donut apparently has some skills.

  • MayraAKAM.C.

    Thats damn stupid, lady sovereign is the best!!!!!!!!!!