Please Release Me: The Glam-Slam Sound Of Denim

Jan 10th, 2007 // 4 Comments

backindenim.jpgWelcome to another edition of “Please Release Me,” in which your Idolators request–nay beg–that an out-of-print, delayed or held-up-in-customs album be issued Stateside:

Artist: Denim
Hometown: The UK
Album: Back In Denim, 1992
What is it?: After disbanding his famously prolific twee-pop outfit Felt, Lawrence Hayward decided to go the glam-pop route, releasing two studio albums under the name Denim. Back In Denim was the group’s first and best effort, a reverential (but highly tongue-in-cheek) tribute to the glitter period. It’s highlighted by the diss track “Middle Of The Road,” in which Hayward declares that he hates just about every major recording artist of the 20th century; not surprisingly, Jarvis Cocker was a big fan.
Where is it?: Long out of print in the U.K., it was finally reissued this year by Cherry Red Records, and could be found for less than $10 at some Tower Records locations during the chain’s final days. But a proper US release has yet to happen.

Denim – Middle Of The Road [MP3, link expired]
Denim – The Osmonds [MP3, link expired]


  1. Dan Gibson

    I know that some people hate this record with every fiber of their being, but I listened to it over and over again for a few weeks at the end of 2006. So enjoyable.

  2. soundbitesnyc

    “The Osmonds” is the ultimate Denim track, glad you MP3′d it here. So epic, and one of my favorite John Leckie productions ever. Always liked that line, “In the ’70s there was Huey Green / Lt. Pigeon hit the scene.”

    Their second album, Denim on Ice, is really good too… but you can skip Novelty Rock. Lawrence claims he’s got a new Denim album coming out this year.

    The second Go-Kart Mozart album has some ace moments on it, though it sounds like demos. The first one is annoying as f**k, though.

  3. Ned Raggett

    It was a pleasure to finally score this darn thing after hearing about it for years, thanks indeed to Tower (well, thanks to them for closing, I guess).

  4. Nicolars

    Everyone should own this album.

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