Listening Station: Julie Doiron Embarks On A Familiar Trip

Jan 10th, 2007 // 3 Comments

julie.jpgWe’ve been fans of Julie Doiron ever since her days fronting the Canadian distorto-pop outfit Eric’s Trip, and the acoustic-guitar confessionals that have made up her solo output are at once brutal and beautiful. Doiron’s new album, Woke Myself Up comes out later this month, and Eric’s Trip devotees will probably be thrilled to hear that the band’s lineup has been brought back together for a few of the album’s tracks–especially midway through “The Wrong Guy,” when the song explodes into an absolutely stunning rave-up.

Julie Doiron – The Wrong Guy [MP3, link expired]
Julie Doiron – No More [MP3, link expired]
Julie Doiron [Official site]

  1. Ozzy

    Check out last year’s heinously overlooked “The Rick White Album”

  2. superfan99

    nothing about the phrase “distorto-pop” is appealing to me.

  3. The Mozfather

    …and she didn’t really “front” Eric’s Trip. Rick was more front than she was.

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