On The Flippity-Flop: Helium Heads For The Institution

Jan 11th, 2007 // Comment

heliumbox01.jpgWelcome to “On The Flippty-Flop,” where your Idolators spotlight unjustly ignored B-sides, bonus tracks, and EP cuts. Send your suggestions to tips@idolator.com.

ARTIST: Helium
SONG: “What Institution Are You From?,” 1995
WHY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN A-SIDE: Helium’s 1995 album The Dirt Of Luck was a straight-up masterpiece, but the four bonus songs on Superball+ aren’t any slouches, either. “What Institution Are You From?” is the high point of the disc; it has a heavy low end and a bewitching organ line, and it winds down with a crazy bass freak-out. Somehow, this EP has fallen out of print; the haunting, fuzzed-out “#12 L’Enfant” should be more than enough supplemental evidence to convince you to track down a used copy.

Helium – What Institution Are You From? [MP3, link expired]
Helium – #12 L’Enfant [MP3, link expired]


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