MTV Viewers Give “I’m From Rolling Stone” One Star

Jan 11th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Not even the presence of Jann Wenner’s beard could get the kids to tune into I’m From Rolling Stone on Sunday night. From WWD:

ROLLING FLAT: It seems Jann Wenner apparently isn’t that popular with the MTV crowd. In its first viewing on Jan. 7, Rolling Stone’s MTV reality contest “I’m From Rolling Stone” attracted only 369,000 viewers. A spokeswoman from Rolling Stone declined comment Wednesday, and MTV did not respond to calls by press time.

Who knew that there were 369,000 music writers in the US? Anyway, we foresee two outcomes for the RS show: either it gets pulled and the “contributing editor” gig gets downgraded to writing the Rolling Stone blog, or the entire series gets a quick re-edit to appeal to Real World fans, and the only contestant it follows is drunk Peter.

Memo Pad: Rolling Flat… Kate’s New Bag… Road Kill… [WWD, via Gawker]
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  1. wondergoodtx

    Throw in the “King of the ‘Burbs” once a week to lay his lyrical flow down and school those young Hyphy supporters on what’s really happening in the Ghetto. That’s sure to get the viewers they need. BRING ON THE REVIVAL!!!

  2. GeddyLee

    Am I the only one who suspects that Jann Wenner is really Treat Williams?

  3. eddymunster

    the WWD piece fails to take into account, or at least mention, that sneak previews (or some such MTV tag) are being shown on the friday afternoon prior to the sunday airing, and i would imagine this timeslot pulls more than a few after-school viewers.

  4. coolfer

    Wow. Even worse than “Love Monkey.”

  5. drjimmy11

    to think that kids would be interested in this… they should take a picture of this whole concept and put it into the dictionary next to “out of touch with reality.”

    Why not make a show called “I’m in Accounts Payable at a Fortune 500 Corporation?” It would be just as hip and have just as much to do with music as the RS gig.

  6. Brian Raftery

    Unless those sneak peaks are pulling in 350,000 viewers, I don’t know if anything can help this show’s numbers.

  7. Hyman Decent

    I thought Jann Wenner had come out. What does he need a beard for?

  8. Adam Bernard

    As an entertainment journalist I can safely say my day is usually not worth capturing on videotape.

  9. Maura Johnston

    this week’s friday sneak preview was canceled. a bad sign?

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