Leak Of The Day, Part II: We Woke Up With Norah Jones, And Frankly, We’re Just As Surprised About That As You Are

Jan 11th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Norah Jones’ upcoming Not Too Late just started pinging around the Internet this week, and in the interest of putting the “egads” in “egalitarian decisions,” we present a track below. And why not? After all, it will likely be one of the best-selling albums of the year, and we do the best we can to live up to our mission statement of “discerning, but never snobby.” Besides, your dad will love you for this:

Norah Jones – Wake Me Up [MP3, link removed]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    Snorah is back. The song’s pretty, but it’s so terminally dull.

    Confession: I thought “Sunrise” on her second album was a terrific single, and I thought at the time it was a brilliant move on her part to morph from watered-down jazz to a kind of post-Ronstadt country-pop. That’s what makes this new track dispiriting: it’s like she said, The twangy thing was a good idea, but how can we make it sound sleepier, like my first record?

    All that said, if this song were recorded by Jenny Lewis, critics would be lining up to defend it.

  2. chaircrusher

    Poor Norah. All that hotness, some actual musical chops, but every track she makes is audio Ambien. She needed to listen to more Fugazi and Misfits when she was young, and less Cowboy Junkies.

  3. Jupiter8

    I haven’t actually listened to this track, but I’m sure it’s certainly perfectly named.

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