Coachella: More Semi-Exciting Confirmations!

Jan 12th, 2007 // 4 Comments

coachellacrowd.jpgMore acts have announced their participation in this year’s live-show sweatbox; we’re trying to keep this limited to bands that have issued confirmations either online or in print, so if you see something we’ve missed, let us know at

- !!!
- The Avett Brothers
- Konono #1
- The Comedians Of Comedy (Patton Oswalt’s website confirmed this earlier this week; his site is now down)
- Cornelius (pulled announcement from website)
- Digitalism (pulled announcement from website)

Idolator can also exclusively reveal the complete line-up for this spring’s Coachcarter Festival, which will feature Samuel L. Jackson running back and forth in a suit and tie and screaming “Take it to the net!” at the audience.

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  1. PengIn

    If the Coachcarter festival can get Jules Winfield on the second stage, I’m totally there.

  2. joshservo

    I can officially confirm that halfway through day two of Coachella, I will drop like a stone to the fetid, scorched earth of the Indio Polo Grounds, and not move until somebody brings me a frozen lemonade.

  3. dtox67

    I am hearing a huge Rage Against the Machine reunion will happen in Indio

  4. squidley

    I love coachella, but do we really need three days of it? weren’t there enough sunburns and episodes of heat exhaustion last time around?

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