Second Spin: No Wonder Rhymefest Sounds So Blue

Jan 12th, 2007 // 3 Comments

rhymefest.jpgRemember Rhymefest? He’s the Grammy-winning Kanye pal (and co-writer of “Jesus Walks”) whose Blue Collar was tipped as one of rap’s biggest releases of 2006–until it came out, and everyone had moved on to discussing the Clipse leak. If you didn’t grab it at the Tower fire sale–or if you’re too cheap for pick it up for $2 on Amazon–here are two tracks from his weirdly ignored debut, in which he shouts out the Midwest and samples the Strokes:

Rhymefest feat. Kanye West – More [MP3, link expired]
Rhymefest – Devil’s Pie [MP3, link expired]
Rhymefest [MySpace]


  1. Mo!

    Thank you for posting this. In a world where you can only be nerdcore or cokecore, Rhymefest is not only a refreshingly funny change of pace but his music sounds good.

  2. brainchild

    Devil’s Pie was better as Mark Ronson’s remix of the D’angelo song of the same name on the mixtape he put out before the release of his “Here Come The Fuzz” album.

  3. Walewander

    This record was seriously slept on. I enjoyed it lots more than the Lupe record.

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