The Blogger Job Board: Like One Of Those “Work From Home” Scams, But With Free CDs

Jan 12th, 2007 // 2 Comments

mmf.jpgIf you see a lot of posts on referencing résumé-polishing, it’s because the past few days have seen not one, but two help-wanted ads from music blogs. The first was posted by Stereogum–they’re searching for an ad-sales associate with a “proven track record” and, we’re guessing, a high tolerance for the indie-invertebrates Cloud Cult. (At least they offer dental to offset all that teeth-gritting.) The second is from an unnamed music blog that’s seeking an editorial intern–apparently, it can’t handle the deluge of guest list spots and promo CDs that it’s seen lately, and it needs some assistance. (Aww.) We have to ask, though: Why does the applicant need “a strong sense of personal style”? Does this blog just want its interns to be able to afford nice clothes on their own, since the internship is unpaid?

Ad Sales Associate in New York, NY at Stereogum [mediabistro, registration required]
Editorial intern for music blog [Craigslist]


  1. Kate Richardson

    They’re just trying to contend with your very stylish and graceful interns here at Idolator.

  2. K-Murph

    What looks more ridiculous on a resume?: blogger or blogger intern? “Can I clean out your hard drive for you, boss?”

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