Bam! The Last Van Halen Update Of The Week, We Swear

Jan 12th, 2007 // Comment

Yes, yes, we know: Enough already with Hagar-hugging. But we couldn’t sit on this quote all weekend:

“I think the Hall shoulda sent word of my induction via carrier pigeon or something, because down here, communication is a little, uh, unique,” he explained. “The way I found out was that I came back off the beach and there was a message on my machine from someone — I don’t even remember who right now — but it didn’t even really register that I was in. And then Kenny Chesney calls, and Emeril Lagasse — all these friends on this high level — telling me how great it is. And I’m going, ‘Wow, this is really a big deal!’ “

Ah, to be there in Cabo, writing a third-rate song about a first-rate barbecue, and seeing both “K CHESNEY” and “LAGASSHOLE” on your “missed-calls” list. We know it’s the other guy’s song, but what the hell: This must be just like livin’ in paradise. Elsewhere in the story, Hagar hints that the band hasn’t figured out if and how they’ll be playing together–mostly because they’re not talking to one another. Let’s hope Lil’ Wolfgang can pull this all together.

Sammy Hagar’s Plans: Beach, Cruise, Sharing Stage With David Lee Roth? [MTV News via VH1]

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