Please Release Me: It’s Time To Let International Pony Out Of The Stable

Jan 12th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Welcome to another edition of “Please Release Me,” in which your Idolators request–nay beg–that an out-of-print, delayed or held-up-in-customs album be issued Stateside:

Artist: International Pony
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
Album: Mit Dir Sind Wir Vier, 2006
What is it?: Actually, considering that this was suggested by a reader–who describes this trio “Germany’s answer to Daft Punk or Basement Jaxx”–we’ll let him handle the description: “They do a bewitching mixture of house, techno, R&B, and electro-pop that I rank some of the best party music around. (Makes for good road-trip music, too.) Their most famous member is DJ Koze, affiliated with Cologne’s minimal techno label Kompakt, but the Pony are way, way, WAY more fun. Mit Dir Sind Wir Vier is almost like a more electronic Phoenix, with R&B overtones. Or something.”
Where is it?: Released in September, Mit is only available in Germany. Though we expect “Gothic Girl” to find an audience among disaffected, dance-happy teens soon:

International Pony – Gothic Girl [MP3, link expired]
International Pony – Solid Gold (The Lost Version) [MP3, link expired]
International Pony [Official Site]


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