“I’m From Rolling Stone” Episode Guide, Take Two

Last night, MTV aired the second installment of the media-minded reality show I’m From Rolling Stone; and once again, we asked Idolator intern Kate Richardson–now technically the only person watching the show–to provide the blow-by-blow:

Highlights from Episode 102: “Are You Experienced?”

-Krishtine announces plans to establish herself as Rolling Stone‘s “hip-hop celebrity,” then proceeds to squander her interview time with rapper El-P on vague, nonsensical questions and shameless self-promotion.
-Russell commits a multitude of sins, including: Irritating Lupe Fiasco with the term “skate rap,” and then attempting to redeem himself by jumping through a Dumpster lid; flippantly asking Ghostface Killah about the death of ODB (prompting Ghostface to sip a Vitamin Water and shake his head disapprovingly); and using the term “Mr. Loserly Doucheface.”
-We Are Scientists tear the woefully under-prepared Colin limb-from-limb with their special Brooklyn blend of mustachioed sarcasm.
-Tika, Krishtine, Colin, and Krystal hit a karaoke bar, where Colin half-asses “Wait (The Whisper Song)” by the Ying Yang Twins, prompting a woman in the crowd to ask if he actually has what it takes to “beat the pussy up.” The crowd at the bar seems skeptical.
-Despite being the editor of highly esteemed Bay area magazine Ruckus, Krishtine is shocked and appalled by Alex Mar’s insistence upon facts and rewrites and other such “bay-nul” (banal?) annoyances.
-Even Colin’s mom has a hard time caring about the Rolling Stone blog.

Most annoying intern of the episode: Russell by a hair, simply because he managed to look foolish in some manner every time he was on camera. Krishtine is still forcing the photo finish on this one, though.
Least annoying intern of the episode: Krystal, as she was basically neither seen nor heard from in this episode.
Episode grade, on a Rolling Stone-like scale of three stars to three-and-a-half stars: Three stars.
Jann’s beard growth, on a scale of 1 to 10: N/A

  • Emo Sommelier

    Is this series even on anymore? My DVR doesn’t even pick it up. Or maybe it thinks its in my best interest to not see this show.

  • mickeyprecious

    Krishtine was cursed from birth. With that name, she was either going to be an awesome soap & beauty product alchemist, or a shockingly ignorant loudmouth who uses the grievous world of hip-hop cliché to camouflage her utter lack of a real personality.

    Yeah! She’s a bitch!

  • The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    I love how I don’t have to actually subject myself to watching the show. I can just read this and laugh to myself while feeling superior.

    Thanks Idolator for being the best spies ever!

  • antistar

    Yeah, I am enjoying the episode guide. Nice work.

  • rilla

    To say a ‘trucker hat’ was the only early 00′s cliche missing from the last show would be an overstatement. Krishtine (Ruckus?) Gold teeth, Russels big belt buckle and their profound ‘after-the-fact’ statements. Who is editing this, Jann or MTV?

    They’re even thinking of having them face off with the 13th season of Road Rules to ‘spice things up’ a bit.

  • bobtailyearlings

    For the record, saying “banal” like it rhymes with “anal” is indeed an acceptable alternate pronunciation of the word.