Here We Are, Folks: The Dream We All Dream Of

Jan 16th, 2007 // 6 Comments

princeneddie.jpgThere were only a handful of musical moments at last night’s Golden Globes Awards: Puff Daddy introducing a best-supporting something award; Jay-Z looking Jay-Zzzz; and Justin Timberlake doing the third- or fourth-best best Prince impression of his career. But the real highlight was Mr. Happy Feet himself, who didn’t perform, but who remembered to wear his pajamas with the footies, and who made it through the entire ceremony without the aid of a dozen or so whispering chaperones. And because he sat behind Eddie Murphy, we were treated to the sight of two cultural colonists–one comedic, one shamanic, and both with spotty track records–sharing the same three-foot space. We imagine the commercial-break banter went something like this:

EDDIE: So, you still keep in touch with whatshername? Vanity?
EDDIE: So I’ve been, you know, laying down tracks again, and I was wondering if you might want–
EDDIE: Yeah, yeah. Okay. Well maybe you could just–
PRINCE: I gotta boogie. My zeppelin’s double-parked outside.

  1. Chris Molanphy

    EDDIE: Remember that time we played ball at your house and you served me and Charlie pancakes?
    PRINCE: Fool, you know that didn’t really happen.
    EDDIE: Tell that to Charlie.

  2. d

    Yeah, not to be completely creepy (clearly, I’m going to be regardless) but I was watching all their televised interactions like hawk. Partly in awe and partly in genuine wtf?-ness at the pairing. And to me and my gossip magazine reading eyes, it definitely looked like it was Eddie was playing the ice princess role, while his Purple Majesty just looked happy to be sitting near him.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Seriously, the reason I made the Chappelle joke above was a memorable line I remember from one of the Chappelle’s Show DVDs. It was something Charlie Murphy said, along the lines of, Back in the ’80s it was kind of lonely to be a major black superstar – my brother said that back then it was basically him, Prince, Michael Jackson and Rick James.

    Anyway, with James gone and Jackson now certifiable, this is as close to an axis of ’80s black-superstar power you’re ever going to see.

  4. baconfat

    what about mr. t?

  5. rchick

    pity the fools who don’t acknowledge, yo.

  6. brainchild

    prince actually was supposed to do some work on Eddie’s “How Could It Be” album and submitted some tracks that Eddie had given to The Bomb Squad (aka the crew behind Public Enemy’s best work) to go over. (Source: a recent interview with Hank Shocklee of the Bomb Squad in Wax Poetics magazine)

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