Videodrone: Is “Yodel-Rap” The Trend To Watch Out For In 2007?

Jan 16th, 2007 // 5 Comments

The final entry in the year-end-review sweepstakes (we think) comes from Oh Word, who, as part of their 2006 run-down, put a big, rusty nail in the “user-generated content” bubble with their list of the Top 5 Hilariously Bad YouTube Freestyles. Solja, the aspiring hip-hop artist you see above, nabs a spot on their list, thanks to what the Oh Word guys call his “excessive use of bizarre onomatopoeia”; be sure to stick with it until about 45 seconds in, when he starts to–no kidding–drop “yodel-ay-hee-hee”s into his rhymes. Somewhere, Jewel is watching this clip intently and plotting her next career move.

solja freestyle [YouTube]
2006: Another One Bites The Dust [Oh Word]

  1. Dan Gibson

    Remember when the word “freestyle” meant there was some sort of improvisation involved?

  2. crookednumbers

    Is this guy channeling Aaron Neville?

  3. Mr. Guy

    frankly, i like it. put to a timbaland beat that would be hot.

  4. zaky


  5. iamlovebot

    it sounds more like he’s channeling barry gibb – or, more accurately, channeling jimmy fallon channeling barry gibb on those “barry gibb talk show” skits on snl.

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